The miniature pinchers also like the Doberman Pinschers are from Germany these 2 breeds of dog are not related in any kind of way. These toy Pinschers have factual documentation beginning less then 200 years ago. Minpins are also know as zwergpinchers (zwerg) means midgets or dwarf.

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These little guys have a loud bark and a big bit. They are medium sized compact and strong. Oh no Don’t let the size fool you the minpin is a great watch/guard dog. This breed has a personality out of this world. I’m sure you would just fall in love at first site. You don’t have to be alone a minpin can live in an apartment because of the low maintenance that they require. Weighting in 8lbs to 10lbs and standing 10inches to 1 foot tall at the shoulders.

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This breed is made up of

Shorthaired German pinchers

Italian greyhound German pincher and


Pinchers like to hunt small rodents such as rats, mice,squirrels etc. These dogs are use on large farms to fight off the unwanted wild life and to guard the land.This toy is nothing to play with its fearless,energetic,and alert companion dog.