Playpinkennels is a small family own kennel. Our kennel has been around since 2007 located in Pensacola Fl. We work with the Doberman pinchers breed and the miniature pinchers breed these are 2 different type of dogs and the miniature pincher is a much older breed. It’s not about us here we put our puppies first giving them the best care we possibly can. We don’t just sell dogs and puppies we brand them we put in quality time here at the Playpinkennels. Day in and day out me and my family do this together out of love, passion, and Dedication.

It’s not about us

From my family to yours

•Miniature Pinscher life span 14-15years

•height 10”-12.5” to the shoulders

•weight 8lbs-11bs

•breed group -toy dog (King of toys)

•Doberman Pinschers life span 10-13 years

•height dam 26-28inch 66-72cm sire 24-27inch 61-68cm

•breed group - working (work dog)

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and remember be sure to do your homework and research before you just buy a Doberman or a Miniature Pincher.