Dobermans Pinschers

These gentle giants are powerful working dogs they stand 24 to 28 inches tall at the shoulders. (Medium size breed) they need to be walked and worked out daily. This breed loves to learn .

Dobermans came to America in the 1800’s made in Germany. The 5 dogs that make up the Dobermans- old German Shepard,black & tan Manchester terrier, Weimaraner, German pinscher, Black English greyhound! All these different breeds are great dogs.

The Doberman is no original pet/dog they are smart loyal family companion these dogs will protect you with their life the Doberman has come a long way and the dog is the aristocrat of canines. The breed was named after Friedrich Louis Doberman.

Great things and facts about the breed

•good temperament •energetic athletic •loyal obedient •alert •fearless watchful •determined • Easy grooming maintenance •trust worthy

We keep files on all of our puppies we sell from your pets 1st set of shots akc pin#,litter Registration code, puppies birth name etc.